5 Money Myths That Will Forever Be the Stumbling Blocks to Your Success


When it comes to making or accumulating wealth, it depends a lot on what and how you approach the situation. The moment you start believing negative things about money and how it is meant for certain classes of people, you will only be paving the way to that stumbling block of being successful in your life. You may end up creating your own undertow of self-sabotage in the process. But then again, you find that most people in our society today have some kind of stigma towards money. There are many myths and misconceptions which, if you pay heed to, may also add to your stigmatization. Take a look and see some of them.

1. The rich are not like the rest of us

This myth is one sure way to subconsciously block yourself, and mind from believing that you can be successful in life. The moment you put yourself and the successful people in two different categories in life, you are distinguishing yourself from them. And that is one way of saying that ‘that is their group and this is my group.’

The rich and successful people are just like me and you. The only difference is that they are rich as a result of finding some opportunity and exploiting it wisely to be where they are now. Maybe the same opportunity comes your way and you do the same someday. But all in all, we are all equal and capable of being successful in life if the conducive opportunities are brought our way and we are willing and ready to exploit it.

2. Money is the root of evil

This is not true at all. In fact, if the quote could read that power is the root of all evil in the world, then there would be some truth to that. Know this, when it comes to crimes such as sexual assault or genocide, etc. money is only really incidental. But the true evil here is in one person’s lust and want to wield power over another person.

Say money is the surest way of acquiring that power. And this makes it somewhat an accomplice towards all the evil done from power-lust. But take away that aspect of power-lust and replace it with love. And you have a wonderful thing.

3. Time is money

In as much as this myth is true in almost all aspects, some part of it isn’t. The ideal situation to this quote is not to amass a big salary spending all your time working. What you need to do, however, is looking for the best way that you can break the time/money equation. Don’t let yourself believe that the two are equal or establish yourself in that state. Otherwise, you will only be setting yourself to be a wage slave

4. Money turns the world

The notion that most people believe that that money runs the world is untrue. Most people believe that money is the only important thing in life. And for that reason, place it above anything else. But the moment you start amassing wealth, you will notice just how money starts becoming less important in your life. Studies have always found that many billionaires simply use money just to keep score.

5. Take care of the pence, then let the pounds take care of themselves

This is not true at all. In fact, there is no way you can spend beyond your means. The amount of wealth that you acquire is the direct proportionate of the wealth that you can spend. Worrying about the little spending that you make can stagnate you in your current financial position. Sometimes, in order to save big, you may need to spend big too.

Most people assume that the rich people don’t even take loans at all. But then just like any other average lenders at Northcash, the rich also have needs for money that can only be met by immediate loans.  We are glad we could able to help you in demystifying the above five common misconceptions about the filthy rich people and their money.

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