6 Best Wooden Watches To Get In 2018


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Wooden watches have been seeing a spike in interest of late – and with so many amazing benefits of using wooden watches such as: being environmentally friendly, having no chemicals or toxins laced on them, and them being free from allergens, these are indeed some fantastic watches.

If you are looking to get a new watch for yourself or looking to get a great gift for a friend or family member, then you will find some of the best looking stylish and fashionable wooden watches of 2018.

They may not be as technologically savvy as many of these smartwatches, but these tense wooden watches are incredibly stylish and very affordable.

6 Best Wooden Watches To Get In 2018

# 1 – Bamboo Watch

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Bamboo trees are extremely strong and durable, and they make an excellent choice for a wooden watch. The great thing about wooden watches are the unique designs and the creativity behind them, and with the bamboo watch, you will most definitely find yourself flashing this stylish watch around.

# 2 – Coastal Wooden Watch With Cork Strap

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Yet another stunning looking watch, the Coastal Wooden Watch With Cork Strap is what makes wooden watches stand out so defined. The artistry of this particular watch will greatly compliment your business attire.

# 3 – Walnut Wooden Watches

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When it comes to sophistication, the wooden walnut watch truly embodies what it means to be a man of success and a person who has some taste (not that any of the other watches on this list are tasteless).

The wooden walnut watches come in a variety of styles and designs, and this is what makes wooden watches stand out. They cannot be duplicated. They are very much in a sense one of a kind.

# 4 –  Chinook Butternut Watch

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The Chinook Butternut Watch may be a bit expensive but when you have a watch that looks this good and works so well, being able to tell you multiple times – you truly miss out on a one of a kind watch.

# 5 – The Delta Wooden Watch

The Delta Wooden Watch is one of the most stylish looking watches. Unlike many other traditional watches that are a circle or square the design behind the Delta Wooden Watch is unique and has a somewhat futuristic look to it despite it being a wooden watch.

For individuals who are artist or designers, they will much appreciate the style behind this particular wooden watch.

# 6 – Victoria Wooden Watch

What is so great about wooden watches is that they genuinely can embody a profession and if ever there were a watch for a writer, a female writer we might add, it has to be the Victoria wooden watch. Sleek looking, oval shaped and beautiful crafted and design – this is a perfect gift for that special lady who loves her Friday nights in reading or writing her novels.

The Perfect Gift

Wooden watches are genuinely some fantastic watches as they genuinely embody a profession so well. If you have been contemplating getting a new watch then, by all means, consider wooden watches as they are not only stylish but can complement you and your profession to a tee.

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