7 Reasons Canadian Citizenship Is Amazing


By now you may know that Canada immigration is AWESOME – especially after speaking with your immigration lawyer. Your immigration lawyer Toronto agency may have made this whole ordeal as effortless as possible and if not then sorry about that but fret not because even if you had a long and arduous immigration process the wait and the effort involved to get your citizenship is worth it.

To better help elucidate we have taken the liberty to compile a list of seven fantastic reason why Canada is fantastic and why your citizenship is unlike any other in the world.

7 Reasons Canadian Citizenship Is Amazing

# 1 – Safety

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Canada is home to one of the safest regions and countries in the western hemisphere. It is for this reason that Canada is the number one place immigration. You can expect a calm and safe environment here.

# 2 – Police Stability

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Canada is the 11th strongest economic body in the world and a member of the G7. Because of our country’s prominence and prestige, in the world along with having a very strong democratic system, our police force is quite stable and very organized.

# 3 – Affordability

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Despite being a  western nation, the cost of living here is not that expensive, and Canada is quite affordable. It is true that homes are expensive, but the average household makes more than enough to survive.

# 4 – Job Market

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Canada has low unemployment and with major cities like Toronto and Vancouver work is very easy t find especially given the population size.

# 5 – Family-Friendliness

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Canada offers a wide array of cities to find a right place that is family friendly. However, you may want to pick which city you want since there are many and research a bit about the city crimes, law, education, hospitals; and speaking of hospitals.

# 6 – Healthcare

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Canada offers universal healthcare. Unlike our neighbor to the south of us – Canada provides free healthcare for all of its citizens. So you can rest your mind at ease knowing you will have some form of healthcare if you ever fall victim to an illness or a sickness.

Although of healthcare system may take longer to deal with sure people due to their condition the chance and opportunity to see a doctor is a huge plus and perhaps one of our countries superior defining qualities.

# 7 – School System

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According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada is home to the highest education in the world with 51% of the populace having attended university. Not only that but immigrants who come to Canada usually perform very well when given this fantastic opportunity.

Welcome To Canada

Now that you are all caught up on how amazing it is to be Canadian and what you will receive once you get here – we can imagine that you will just love your new home country. So welcome to your new home and welcome, our new citizen.


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