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5 Tips for Cleaning Leather Goods

Posted by Ben D Date: July 22, 2017

From leather bags and matching leather wallets to leather briefcases, leather luggage and more, leather goods are wildly popular for a reason. Leather looks good and can last for a very long time, but it’s important for you to take good care of it. To ensure that your leather items look their best and stay in good condition, it is essential for you to clean them regularly. These are a few tips for doing so.

1. Wipe it Down Regularly

First of all, you can prevent stains and other issues from being a problem in the first place by wiping down your leather goods on a regular basis. Just using a clean, damp cloth to wipe off your leather bag or other leather items will do the trick in-between cleanings. Just remember to always wipe with the grain of the leather so that you can avoid damaging it.

2. Clean Stains Quickly

If you get a stain on your leather items, such as an ink mark from a pen, it is important to do something about the stain right away. The longer that you allow it to sit, the more likely it is that the stain will become permanent. There are a lot of products on the market that are designed for removing certain stains; just make sure that you look for one that is designed specifically for use on leather to avoid damaging your item. If you visit the Betty Hemmings Leathergoods website, you may be able to find more information.

3. Use a Leather Cleaning Product Regularly

Even though simply wiping down your leather items with a damp cloth should be enough to get rid of surface dust and dirt, you will still need to give your leather items a good, thorough cleaning every now and then if you’d like to keep them looking good. Find a good leather cleaning product, and try it on a small spot first to make sure that it doesn’t damage your item. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean your leather item thoroughly.

4. Use Baking Soda

If the inside of your leather purse or suitcase has an unpleasant odor and if you can’t get rid of the odor by simply cleaning the item, then you can use baking soda as an odor eliminator. Just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in the inside of the bag or suitcase, and allow it to sit for a day or two. This should help absorb some of the smell, and the baking soda should not damage your item.

5. Use a Protective Product

After cleaning your leather item, use a protective product. This will help your leather item really shine and look great after it has been cleaned, but it will also provide an extra barrier to help prevent your item from being damaged. It can also help prevent cracking, which can happen over time if you aren’t careful.

As you can see, cleaning your leather items isn’t difficult if you know what to do. If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep all of your leather items in great shape.

Understanding the Advantages of Consumer Proposal

Posted by Ben D Date: June 11, 2017

Financial dents or constraints can be traumatizing, especially when you don’t know what to do next in order to get back on your feet. Most of the simplest options that come to mind is filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal is a negotiated agreement between you and your creditors to help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. In fact, this is an alternative to bankruptcy. You can use the services of a licensed bankruptcy trustee to negotiate and file your proposal. Here are some of the benefits of considering the proposal option to get you out of your financial difficulties.

Managing the debt

You ought to set up a payment plan that is flexible for settling your creditors. It’s easier to stagger your payments to your creditors for a period of up to five years so as to block collection agents from calling you or knocking on your door all the time. In other words, you get a chance to extend the repayments to your creditors for a period of time as you reorganize your accounts or investments.

Wage garnishment and interest payments

Wage garnishments and interest accumulation ceases once your proposal application goes through. A wage garnishment comes into play when a creditor gets a court order to get part of your monthly salary directly from your employer to settle debt repayments. Besides being embarrassing for your employer to know that you have debt difficulties, it might tarnish your credibility at the workplace. You can also have the monthly interest accumulation stopped through the proposal.

Reduction of debt

Besides renegotiating the terms of repayments to your creditors, you also get a chance to reduce the amount of money owed to your creditors. The beauty about using a consumer proposal is that, your creditors don’t want you to apply for bankruptcy because that will mean they won’t get paid. That will motivate them to accept a debt reduction. Remember, when you apply for bankruptcy, your assets will be utilized in repaying your debts, but in case the assets don’t pay the entire cumulative amount owed, then the creditors stand a chance of losing money. So, they’d rather accept a debt reduction. A creditor can accept a debt reduction of up to 50% and end up getting some of his or her money which is far much better than getting nothing at all.

Credit score

The credit rating can be badly affected when you apply for bankruptcy. On a scale of R1 to R9, a bankruptcy application can give you the worst which is R9, and affect your possibility to get loans unlike a consumer proposal that will give you an R7. More information can be found at Chande & Company Inc., providing you with additional resources and references.

3 Tips for Gifting Wine

Posted by Ben D Date: April 25, 2017

Wine makes a great gift for a ton of different situations, whether you are buying a host or hostess gift for someone who is having a party or if you’d like to gift a bottle of great wine to a wine enthusiast for his or her birthday, a holiday or “just because.” However, you might not want to just hand over the bottle, even if you think that your loved one will appreciate you doing so. Instead, you may want to dress up your gift a little bit to make it more attractive. Luckily, you have a few different options, so consider these options for gifting wine in an attractive way, such as with wooden wine boxes.

1. Use a Wooden Wine Box

Wooden wine boxes are nice and sturdy, and they’re great for when you’re gifting multiple bottles of wine at one time. Plus, as an added bonus, these boxes can be used for storage, crafts and more, so it’s kind of like giving your recipient two gifts at one time. This is a great way to gift your wine with a very rustic and traditional look.

2. Look for Wine-Specific Gift Wrap Options

If you have ever tried to fit a bottle of wine in a regular gift bag, you might have noticed that it’s pretty awkward to try to get it to fit properly. However, many of the companies that make and sell these products have started to see this and now offer boxes and gift bags that are designed specifically for gifting standard-sized wine bottles. If you haven’t looked for this type of wrap yet, consider taking a look at the party supply section at your favorite mass market retail store. You might find a ton of great gift wrap options that are perfect for your wine gift.

3. Make a Gift Basket

Another great way to gift a bottle of wine is to include it in a gift basket. This can be a good option if you would like to give a slightly nicer gift, such as if you are buying for someone who is close to you or if this is your primary gift for a big holiday or birthday. In the gift basket, you can try including things like wine glasses, a wine opener, wine glass charms or other similar items. This is a great way to take your gift up a notch and make sure that it looks great when you gift it. You can purchase baskets and supplies to make a custom wine gift basket from your favorite craft store or even a discount store.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can gift a bottle of wine to someone who is close to you. From custom wood gift boxes that are made just for wine to a nice homemade gift basket, you’ve got lots of options that your loved one is sure to love.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Wooden Watches

Posted by Ben D Date: April 22, 2017

If you have decided to start shopping for wooden watches, you are not alone. These are watches that are mostly or entirely crafted of wood. Because they are rather new to the mainstream fashion scene, they can be an eye-catching, bold statement in your appearance. Furthermore, they are unique, durable and great for the environment. However, as with many other types of watches, the cost to purchase wooden watches can run the gamut, and you may understandably be looking for a quality product that will provide you with years of use and that does not drain your bank account unnecessarily. These are some of the top factors that impact the cost of wooden watches, and you can use these factors strategically to find the right style of watch that is priced within your budget.

The Materials Used
One of the primary factors that affect the cost of a wood watch is the material used. Many watches use more than one material. Often, the wristband is comprised of a different material than the dial or face. Some watches with higher-end or more coveted wood species, such as exotic woods, may have a higher price. However, read the detailed description carefully. Some watches may use only a very small amount of a fine wood, but they may charge you a fortune for its use despite the fact most of the watch is made out of a common, affordable wood.

The Brand Name
While wooden watches are relatively new to the accessory scene, there are already some emerging name brands. Some brands are positioning themselves as luxury watchmakers, and others are focused on eco-friendly watches or affordable watches. When you are looking for quality over cost, looking for a great deal on a luxury watchmaker’s website may be a great idea. If you simply want to purchase a wood watch to try out the experience, a budget-minded watch maker may be a better option.

Where You Make Your Purchase
The website where you purchase your watch from is also important. Consider, for example, that buying from a retailer may be more expensive than buying directly from a manufacturer. However, some wholesalers as well as some retailers that specialize in carrying overstocked merchandise can offer great deals. You may need to thoroughly explore and compare the options to find the best overall value.

Wooden watches are not mainstream enough yet to warrant a front and center position in jewelry stores and department stores, so buying them online is a great option to consider. This gives you plenty of flexibility to shop around and to compare product descriptions before you make a purchase. Focus on these points as you compare the options. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Tense Enterprises Inc..

The growing problem of electronic waste and how electronic recycling addresses the problem

Posted by Ben D Date: February 7, 2017

Electronic waste is defined as any appliance or device that utilizes electricity as a power source. This includes computers, laptops, monitors and other connected devices. Technological advances have created a growing obsolescence in appliances and other devices. Commonly known as e waste this type of waste isn’t easily recycled. It is a well known fact that e waste often winds up in landfills or is exported.

Dangers of e waste
It is important to note that you can’t recycle electronic equipment like you recycle paper and metal products. The reason is that most electronic devices contain toxic levels of poisonous substances including:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Brominated Flame Retardants
  • PVC and Cadimium

Health risks from exposure to these poisonous chemicals are extensive. Improper handling and disposal of e waste is cited as the cause for the increase of certain cancers and brain injuries. The toxic chemicals in some electronics have been known to penetrate the groundwater and streams around the landfill poisoning the water.

Dioxin is a known toxic substance that is regularly released through the incineration of plastics. Proper electronic recycling extracts precious metals that can be reused and eliminates the need for incineration.

Benefits of electronic recycling
The most important benefit is the fact that you are saving the environment by keeping toxic chemicals out of landfills and other places. Other benefits include:

  • New life for old electronics-those that can be refurbished and reused
  • A rich source of raw materials such as gold
  • Elimination and reduction of worldwide e waste

Understandably the increasing threat to the environment is reason enough to recycle electronics properly. The other benefits of providing needed computer equipment and recovering raw materials are secondary but just as important.

How you can properly recycle electronics
There are many local agencies that can help you dispose of your old electronics properly. Some manufacturers are required to take back their product to recycle them while other manufacturers voluntarily take back their products and provide incentives for customers.

The very first step you should take before disposing of an old electronic device is to see if anyone is willing to refurbish for you. This could mean donating it to a charity that might have need of the electronic device or deciding to keep it.

The Electronic Take Back Coalition advocates for responsible recycling. Electronics are increasing becoming obsolete due to poor design, expensive parts and short life spans. One of the goals of the coalition is to persuade manufacturers to start creating products that last. They recommend using e stewards to help dispose of electronics properly. If you are interested, you may do additional research at the website for more information.

Movers: What Services do they Provide?

Posted by Ben D Date: December 29, 2016

It is no secret that moving a full household can be stressful. Movers help in relocating homes, condominiums, and apartments. Whether you are relocating across town, down the road or to a different state, calling in a moving company is a huge relief. It is, however, important to confirm what services the particular moving company is offering before you hire them. This is especially important for long distance moving where you have to hire an international moving company. Long distance moving is primarily different from other types of moving because of the special regulations and planning involved in it. Simplify your move process by confirming whether the particular long distance movers adhere to the laid down regulations.

So, what do movers do?

1. Moving Services
As the name suggests, moving companies provide moving services to their clients. They simply move stuff! The different moving services offered by these companies include residential moving [moving personal items and furniture between homes], commercial moving which involves moving supplies, equipment, and other items for business, and specialized moving which involves moving fragile and valuable items such as artwork, sculptures, and antiques.

2. Storage Services
A moving firm provides storage facilities to those who require a safe place to put their belongings as they paint their new house or have new flooring installed. Another scenario that might call for a storage facility is a last-minute disagreement between you and the moving company. It is good to understand the situation you are in and act accordingly. Remember this service is charged and the longer your stuff stays in a storage facility, the higher the bill will be. Don’t forget to ask questions and understand this aspect when choosing your next moving company.

3. Packing and Unpacking Services
Just as tiresome as moving things is, packing them up and unpacking them when they reach their final destination is also tedious. Movers who provide packing and unpacking services will save you time and also take away the concern of packing stuff incorrectly. Also, with the moving company handling your packing and unpacking, you will rest easy knowing that your belongings will arrive at their destination undamaged.

Movers understand what it takes to ensure successful relocations. They will provide you with affordable and convenient moving options that will give you a stress-free relocation. Whether your relocation is interstate or within Canada, you can read reviews on the best-rated movers in Canada and settle for the one that fits your needs. In addition to the above, there are other services that good firms offer to make your relocation as smooth as possible. However, you must confirm the extra costs and fees charged for the different services so that you are not caught unaware. Learn more by visiting the Premiere Van Lines website.

Paying a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted by Ben D Date: November 6, 2016

Personal injuries occur in Canada much more than we think they do. The reason that some people do not realize the number of personal injuries that occur is that many of the victims run scared and do not file. Payment is one of the most fearful elements when some people consider seeing personal injury lawyers for help. The ironic part is that their idea of this matter is usually far off from the way it truly works:

Fees for Personal Injury Representation

Every lawyer has fees. A victim is not wrong for assuming that he or she will have to pay a significant amount of money to receive the services of an experienced legal assistance. However, personal injury lawyers have a structure that is slightly different from that of other types of lawyers. Personal injury lawyers closely examine the case’s potential and then operate based on their beliefs about the case’s outcome. They are strong advocates for people who have been put out of their jobs and their comfortable lifestyles because of personal injuries. Therefore, they try to do everything they can to help these people through their rough patches.

Free Consultations

The consultation is a 30-minute to 60-minute meeting during which the victim speaks to the attorney for the first time. Many personal injury attorneys in Canada do not charge a fee for the initial consultation. The initial consultation is that first meeting where the lawyer collects information about the case and then offers his or her services if that is possible. Some lawyers charge money for this meeting, but a large number of personal injury specialists do not. They understand that victims are usually low on funds. The free consultation gives the victims the opportunity to come in and find out if the case is viable for getting compensation for personal injury.

No-Win-No-Free Representation

Lawyers who handle personal injury cases usually take a percentage of the settlement once they win the case for their clients. They offer no-win-no-fee representation. That means that the attorney does not get paid if the client does not win the case. This type of payment structure is appealing to victims because they no longer have monetary worries. It also makes them optimistic because they know that the lawyer will work extra hard so that he or she can receive some compensation for the services.

The percentage that personal injury lawyers usually charge for their services is 25-40 percent. They take their fee off the very top of the settlement check in a painless fashion. The victim never has to worry or struggle during the process. If you are a victim of a personal injury of any kind, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. You can very well find someone who will offer you special representation.

Planning is the Key to a Great Last-Minute Vacation

Posted by Ben D Date: October 6, 2016

Travelers seeking a spontaneous last-minute vacation have more options than ever. Today, a weekend expedition is never far away. Savvy tourists will find a multitude of travel apps, resources and websites that specialize in last minute vacation deals. For those who like to experience freedom, exhilaration and wanderlust, cheap vacations can turn any part of the world into a virtual oyster. Now, anyone can take off with part of their trip planned. Adding to your plans as you go is a great way to capitalize on the many cheap last-minute deals that are available everywhere.

Finding Last-Minute Deals

Tourists who are looking for great travel deals have two options. They can book each item separately, or they can book cheap all inclusive vacations for a quick last-minute getaway without all of the painstaking planning. Packages for cheap all inclusive vacations cover everything from airfare, lodging and rental cars to food and drink. Package vacations are a great option for deal-seekers who want to know exactly how much their vacation will cost before they leave.

Popular Travel Apps

Travel apps have revealed many secret last-minute travel deals that used to be hard to find. Some travel apps are designed specifically for those looking for deep discounts. By using a smartphone, travelers can find last-minute offers from airlines and hotels around the world. These exclusive deals can be delivered directly to any phone. Then, travelers can book instantly and receive online confirmation numbers in minutes.

Staying Organized

Cheap vacations booked at the last minute don’t need to be hectic. There are a lot of digital tools and apps that can store your flight information, hotel confirmation and rental car reservation in one place. There are also plenty of travel tools that allow vacationers to check rates instantly, translate common phrases and calculate currency conversions in the blink of an eye. By using these high-tech tools, travelers can stay organized and feel confident that they found the best deal available.

Traveling with Pets

Pet owners have additional responsibilities, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t plan a great last-minute vacation too. If you’re planning to travel with your pet, it’s important to book your flight at least 48 hours in advance. Many airlines have time and number restrictions for pets flying in the cabin or in the baggage hold. If you’re planning to board your dog instead, check with your veterinarian several days in advance to make sure that your pet has the appropriate vaccinations before your vacation begins.

Last-Minute Travel Tips

Travel technology puts a slew of tools at your fingertips. There are travel apps for booking vacations, locating regional deals and finding local restaurants. For travel assistance, you can connect with problem solvers on Twitter. Many major travel brands and airlines offer Twitter support where travelers can receive assistance with missed flights and other travel issues. To get the most from cheap vacations and last minute vacation deals, always check online rates before accepting a quote from the provider.

Finding A Reputable Breeder Of Your Purebred Puppy

Posted by Ben D Date: October 3, 2016

A person who wants a purebred puppy should must be very careful when it comes to the breeder. Everyone’s heard of the atrocious puppy mills where the bitches are bred until they’re exhausted, where dogs are inbred and where the conditions are generally ghastly. The potential owner should also try to avoid buying a puppy from a pet store, for though the cages where the puppies are kept might look clean and the puppy look well-fed there’s no way of knowing whether the puppy came from a mill. A healthy-seeming pet store puppy might develop problems as it matures.

What Kind of Dog For You?
The first thing a owner should do is decide what kind of dog is best for his or her family and household. Does the family live in an apartment? Then they might not want a big dog that needs a lot of room like a mastiff. Do they have children? They might want a child friendly dog like a golden retriever. Are some people in the household a little allergic to dogs but want one anyway? Then the family might pick a dog that doesn’t shed.

When the family’s decided what sort of purebred dog they want, they should look around for reputable breeders. They might ask their usual veterinarian for a referral or look up referrals through the American Kennel Club or other organizations.

Signs of a Good Breeder
One sign of a good breeder is that they won’t be in too much of a hurry to sell a puppy. A good breeder only breeds a bitch once a year, if that. This raises the chances that the mother and her litters will be healthy. The good breeder will also have such a stellar reputation that they’ll probably have a long waiting list as well.

The potential owner should be wary of buying a puppy over the internet and should visit the kennel. The breeder should allow this and indeed be happy to show a potential owner around. The kennel should be clean, sweet-smelling and well-lit. The dogs should look and be healthy and happy. The owner and his or her family should be able to interact with both the puppy’s mother and father, if he’s around. Both dogs should have good temperaments as well as good health and should not be fearful or aggressive. If the mother is fearful or aggressive, she may pass these traits on to her puppies.

Questions To Ask
The breeder should also be happy to answer any questions that the potential owner has. Among them are:

Has the puppy been tested for health problems?
The breeder should have a certificate giving the puppy a clean bill of health.

Do you have a guarantee?
A breeder should be amenable to having the owner have his or her own veterinarian give the puppy a health check and then taking the puppy back if there’s something seriously wrong with it. A breeder should also be happy to answer questions and give the owner some guidance throughout the life of the dog.

Tips for Relaxing at Home

Posted by Ben D Date: September 27, 2016

Being able to relax at home is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The world can be a stressful place; your home is the place you need to be able to go to rest and recharge. So, what are the best ways to relax at home?

Avoid Clutter and Mess

Housework isn’t exactly relaxing for most people, but if you can keep your living space or at least one room uncluttered and reasonably clean, you’ll feel more relaxed when you are at home. If you can afford it, hire someone to clean it. Decorate your space and surround yourself with things that make you happy whether that’s books, crafting supplies or power tools. Work on developing good habits that help you keep a space the way you like it, but don’t let this item become another stressful obligation.


You may have to bring work home sometimes, but you can still unplug when you need to. This isn’t just about work but encompasses unplugging from leisure as well, so turn off your phone, disconnect from the Internet and even turn off the television. Just relax and be in the space without distractions or obligations.


The one exception to unplugging might be playing some music. Music can be very relaxing, so if this is something you find conducive to making you more relaxed at home, find something soothing to listen to.

Good Scents

Aromatherapy is the word for using scent as a tool to change your mood, and you can get this from essential oils, incense and scented candles. There’s research done into the cognitive effects different smells have on your mood, but you are also the best judge of what scents soothe you, so experiment until you find the best ones.

Time for Yourself

It’s essential that this be time that is only for you and not for loved ones or for things you think you should be doing. If you live with others, insist that they leave you alone for the hour or however long you’re planning to take time to relax. Choose something calming to do whether it’s reading a book, writing in a journal, taking a bath, gardening, drawing or just sitting or lying down and staring into space.

Get a Pet

Sure, they add some extra chores and expenses to your life, but study after study shows that having a pet is life-enhancing. Pets lower blood pressure, decrease depression and give you truly unconditional love. If you can’t have a dog or a cat in the place where you live, find out if you can get something small like a hamster or guinea pig.

Your relaxation time at home needs to be non-negotiable. You may not need or be able to manage an hour a day, but try to get a little bit of time to yourself for relaxation most days and perhaps set aside an hour or so each week that belongs only to you. It’s essential for a happy, healthy and productive life.