Factors That Affect the Cost of Wooden Watches


If you have decided to start shopping for wooden watches, you are not alone. These are watches that are mostly or entirely crafted of wood. Because they are rather new to the mainstream fashion scene, they can be an eye-catching, bold statement in your appearance. Furthermore, they are unique, durable and great for the environment. However, as with many other types of watches, the cost to purchase wooden watches can run the gamut, and you may understandably be looking for a quality product that will provide you with years of use and that does not drain your bank account unnecessarily. These are some of the top factors that impact the cost of wooden watches, and you can use these factors strategically to find the right style of watch that is priced within your budget.

The Materials Used
One of the primary factors that affect the cost of a wood watch is the material used. Many watches use more than one material. Often, the wristband is comprised of a different material than the dial or face. Some watches with higher-end or more coveted wood species, such as exotic woods, may have a higher price. However, read the detailed description carefully. Some watches may use only a very small amount of a fine wood, but they may charge you a fortune for its use despite the fact most of the watch is made out of a common, affordable wood.

The Brand Name
While wooden watches are relatively new to the accessory scene, there are already some emerging name brands. Some brands are positioning themselves as luxury watchmakers, and others are focused on eco-friendly watches or affordable watches. When you are looking for quality over cost, looking for a great deal on a luxury watchmaker’s website may be a great idea. If you simply want to purchase a wood watch to try out the experience, a budget-minded watch maker may be a better option.

Where You Make Your Purchase
The website where you purchase your watch from is also important. Consider, for example, that buying from a retailer may be more expensive than buying directly from a manufacturer. However, some wholesalers as well as some retailers that specialize in carrying overstocked merchandise can offer great deals. You may need to thoroughly explore and compare the options to find the best overall value.

Wooden watches are not mainstream enough yet to warrant a front and center position in jewelry stores and department stores, so buying them online is a great option to consider. This gives you plenty of flexibility to shop around and to compare product descriptions before you make a purchase. Focus on these points as you compare the options. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Tense Enterprises Inc..

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