Finding A Reputable Breeder Of Your Purebred Puppy


A person who wants a purebred puppy should must be very careful when it comes to the breeder. Everyone’s heard of the atrocious puppy mills where the bitches are bred until they’re exhausted, where dogs are inbred and where the conditions are generally ghastly. The potential owner should also try to avoid buying a puppy from a pet store, for though the cages where the puppies are kept might look clean and the puppy look well-fed there’s no way of knowing whether the puppy came from a mill. A healthy-seeming pet store puppy might develop problems as it matures.


What Kind of Dog For You?

The first thing a owner should do is decide what kind of dog is best for his or her family and household. Does the family live in an apartment? Then they might not want a big dog that needs a lot of room like a mastiff. Do they have children? They might want a child friendly dog like a golden retriever. Are some people in the household a little allergic to dogs but want one anyway? Then the family might pick a dog that doesn’t shed.

When the family’s decided what sort of purebred dog they want, they should look around for reputable breeders. They might ask their usual veterinarian for a referral or look up referrals through the American Kennel Club or other organizations.


Signs of a Good Breeder

One sign of a good breeder is that they won’t be in too much of a hurry to sell a puppy. A good breeder only breeds a bitch once a year, if that. This raises the chances that the mother and her litters will be healthy. The good breeder will also have such a stellar reputation that they’ll probably have a long waiting list as well.

The potential owner should be wary of buying a puppy over the internet and should visit the kennel. The breeder should allow this and indeed be happy to show a potential owner around. The kennel should be clean, sweet-smelling and well-lit. The dogs should look and be healthy and happy. The owner and his or her family should be able to interact with both the puppy’s mother and father, if he’s around. Both dogs should have good temperaments as well as good health and should not be fearful or aggressive. If the mother is fearful or aggressive, she may pass these traits on to her puppies.


Questions To Ask
The breeder should also be happy to answer any questions that the potential owner has. Among them are:

Has the puppy been tested for health problems?

The breeder should have a certificate giving the puppy a clean bill of health.

Do you have a guarantee?
A breeder should be amenable to having the owner have his or her own veterinarian give the puppy a health check and then taking the puppy back if there’s something seriously wrong with it. A breeder should also be happy to answer questions and give the owner some guidance throughout the life of the dog.

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