Get Your Hands On That Dream City Bike With These Easy Steps


Purchasing a bike can be overwhelming because of the variety of models in the market. However, there is a guide that demystifies the process of buying bicycles. It is essential to start by identifying the common types of bikes that would be ideal for you and then consider your cycling goals. The goals should include the terrain you will mostly cover, the distance to be covered and what you want to achieve. If you want to explore off road, a mountain bike would be ideal for you. If you will be cycling on mostly pavements, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Enumerated below are the steps to use when getting your ideal Regal city bikes.

1. Fit the bike

No matter the type of bike you buy, the ride will be miserable if the bike does not fit. Most good and reputable salesmen often help individuals to find the right sizes of their bikes before they purchase the bikes. They will even make adjustments for the bike owners to ensure that the bikes suit them. However, it is advisable to get a professional fitter who will have precise measurements. This service might come at an extra cost but it is worth it so ensure that you account for this in your budget.

2. Budget for more than just the bike

Before shopping, make a decision on how much you want to invest in your cycling goals. Two thirds of your budget should go to the bikes because you will need extra money for the accessories like helmets, and pumps among others.

3. Test several models

Purchasing a bicycle is similar to buying a house or even a car. Therefore, you should not rush to buy the first model that you see. Take your time to try out several models and settle on the one that feels the best.

4. Narrow down the search

Based on your budget and intentions for the bike, it is advisable to have your options narrowed down to three models. Take the steps of testing each for at least twenty minutes and ask for fittings if need be.

5. Dress the part

When going for testing, wear the attires that you would wear on an actual ride. The same goes for shoes. This is because when in casual or formal attire, the ride may feel different as compared to when riding in cycling apparel.

6. Seek personal service

While shopping online is a good idea, you should highly consider going to physical stores to purchase a bike. This is because you can fit, test, and check out all available options there. In addition to this, you may be lucky enough to get discounts. Seeking personal service is therefore ideal when purchasing your dream bike.



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