Paying a Personal Injury Attorney


Personal injuries occur in Canada much more than we think they do. The reason that some people do not realize the number of personal injuries that occur is that many of the victims run scared and do not file. Payment is one of the most fearful elements when some people consider seeing personal injury lawyers for help. The ironic part is that their idea of this matter is usually far off from the way it truly works:

Fees for Personal Injury Representation

Every lawyer has fees. A victim is not wrong for assuming that he or she will have to pay a significant amount of money to receive the services of an experienced legal assistance. However, personal injury lawyers have a structure that is slightly different from that of other types of lawyers. Personal injury lawyers closely examine the case’s potential and then operate based on their beliefs about the case’s outcome. They are strong advocates for people who have been put out of their jobs and their comfortable lifestyles because of personal injuries. Therefore, they try to do everything they can to help these people through their rough patches.

Free Consultations

The consultation is a 30-minute to 60-minute meeting during which the victim speaks to the attorney for the first time. Many personal injury attorneys in Canada do not charge a fee for the initial consultation. The initial consultation is that first meeting where the lawyer collects information about the case and then offers his or her services if that is possible. Some lawyers charge money for this meeting, but a large number of personal injury specialists do not. They understand that victims are usually low on funds. The free consultation gives the victims the opportunity to come in and find out if the case is viable for getting compensation for personal injury.

No-Win-No-Free Representation

Lawyers who handle personal injury cases usually take a percentage of the settlement once they win the case for their clients. They offer no-win-no-fee representation. That means that the attorney does not get paid if the client does not win the case. This type of payment structure is appealing to victims because they no longer have monetary worries. It also makes them optimistic because they know that the lawyer will work extra hard so that he or she can receive some compensation for the services.

The percentage that personal injury lawyers usually charge for their services is 25-40 percent. They take their fee off the very top of the settlement check in a painless fashion. The victim never has to worry or struggle during the process. If you are a victim of a personal injury of any kind, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. You can very well find someone who will offer you special representation.

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