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Whenever you are moving from your old apartment to a new one, there are some household items and things that you will never fail to remember to move. Then there are others that can slip past your mind just like that and maybe even end up being left behind during the move by the movers Vancouver. Some of the things that you will never forget are stuff like chairs, washers, dryers, fridge, etc. But what about the smaller items that lurk around unnoticed in your home? The ones that you only feel the need to look for when you want to use them. These are the items we are talking about; the one that is more prone to remain behind during the moving process. This article has compiled a list of some of these items for you that your moving company won’t be able to know they are in your house. Take a look.

1. For the kitchen

The kitchen has a couple of small gizmos and gadgets that, if not too careful, can end up staying at your old place. You may end up having to stop your cooking to head over to the store to get items like an oven mint, bottle and can opener, measuring cups and spoons, tongs, spatula, etc. If you’re not too careful.

2. For the living room

You may feel that you can survive without these things in your living room. But if you are looking to add some life and color to this space in your home, then these are the must-have items;

  • A wall décor
  • Coasters
  • Small TV cabinet
  • Table and/or floor lamps

3. For the bedroom

The first most obvious thing in any bedroom is the bed plus some good sheets and pillows. But then, you should know that this doesn’t quite cover everything. You need to enhance your personality by getting bedroom items like hangers, hampers, lamps, a full-length mirror, etc. Things like these are what is going to make your bedroom more lively and beautiful.

4. For the bathroom

In most places, you find that the bathroom is always the most missed out part of the room. But there are some essential bathroom items which you might not want to overlook as you do your shopping. They include things like scales, bath mat, plunger, shower curtain, liner, and rings, etc.

5. For the laundry room

Okay, so not all rentals will have a laundry room, but for the few lucky ones that do, you should at least make an attempt to have some of these items in there;

  • Dryer sheets
  • Laundry basket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Iron and ironing board

6. For the cleaning closet

The cleaning closet is another area that most homeowners usually neglect a lot, especially when it comes to adding some essential supplies to them. Things like rubber gloves, brooms, and dustpans, bucket with a mop, stove cleaner, toilet brush, etc. Are but a few of the things that you can include in your list for the cleaning closet.

For around the house

These items are generally meant for your entire house in general. They are important to have at arm’s length as you can never know when you might need to use them. They can include duct tape, flashlight, and battery, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.

From the list above, it’s no wonder that you can easily forget and or overlook most of these items. Even the small items that you forget about at your old place as you move are victims of such situations.

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